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What's New in the Latest Update:
- Expertly leveraged BigQuery ML to develop a predictive model for house valuation, aiding in the identification of optimal real estate comps in neighborhoods. Trained the model on a dataset of 80 million US Properties records, utilizing various BigQuery ML algorithms based on 10 distinct house features.
- Successfully exported the model as a TensorFlow model, and utilized Kubeflow for TensorFlow Serving in Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), showcasing advanced skills in model deployment and cloud-based machine learning operations.
- Spearheaded the building and deployment of data pipelines on Google Cloud to enable AI & ML capabilities, demonstrating proficiency in cloud-native data engineering and AI integration.
- Exported the model as TensorFlowLite to be embedded with CoreML in an iOS app, illustrating your expertise in mobile machine learning and cross-platform model deployment.

- Leveraged extensive expertise in U.S. address parsing and standardization, applying advanced techniques to solve complex challenges in geocoding and place search, specifically address parsing.
- Developed an iOS AI/ML street address parser model, trained on a dataset of 80 million U.S. addresses, showcasing your capability in handling large-scale data for machine learning purposes.
- Utilized BigQuery's data processing capabilities to transform the U.S. addresses database into a format suitable for offline training. Employed Swift MLWordTagger to create an array of token-labels, facilitating the generation of a machine learning model for embedding in iOS apps
Simply tap on a home on the map!
Property Data
Simply tap on a home on the map to instantly access all its data. If you already know the property address, you can search for it directly.
   Property APN, address, type, zoning
   Assessed values; values per SqFt
   Previous value; value change
   Tax, tax rate, delinquency, exempt
   Property size; age; beds & baths
   and more...
Owner Info
Finding owner info is easier than you think!  Use Top Investor app to get info on virtually all homeowners in any neighborhood, anywhere in the U.S.
   Up to two owner names
   Owner type
   Vesting relation
   Owner mailing address
   Absentee status: out of city / state
Sale History & Mortgage Info
Get all the data you need on any residential property you want, including off-market properties. Whatever your strategy, there’s data for it.
   Last & Prior sale price and date
   Document number, transaction ID
   Prices per SqFt
   Property flip
   Mortgage amount, term, due date
   Paid off/close to the mortgage term
Local Property Lists
Real estate is inherently local. Get the facts at the neighborhood level. Export selected Property Lists to easily analyze investment opportunities in any neighborhood.
   The local mix of property types
   The prevailing value ranges
   Absentee owned homes
   Higher equity homes 
   Recently flipped homes 
Unlimited Exports
Export data on an individual property or create custom lists based on local data. We use the census tract as a proxy for neighborhoods to provide detailed local property data.
After purchase, the Property Reports and Lists will be exported to the Files app on your device. Within the Files app, you can easily view, manage, and share all your Property Reports and Lists across services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive
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