Streamline Your Email Routine. Win Back Your Day!

Powered by Google Vertex AI PaLM. Supports over 100 languages.

Say goodbye to your daily struggle with never-ending email demands!​​​​​​​
Summarize Email Content
Save time by condensing lengthy emails into key points, such as main topics, takeaways, requests, decisions, or action items. Catch all essential info from the email messages, leaving no room for oversight. 
Never miss important details again.
Speed Up Email Replies
Time-Pressed? Let EmailWhiz provide relevant reply suggestions. Reduce the stress of crafting responses from scratch.

Respond faster, communicate better, and save time for more important tasks.
Enhance Responses
Ensure that your responses adhere to your company's policies and guidelines. Keep your responses focused and to the point.
Instantly Create Follow-up Tasks
Easily create follow-up tasks based on the email content. EmailWhiz identifies relevant action items from the email message and automatically generates follow-up tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Stay organized, meet deadlines with ease, and achieve greater efficiency in your workflow.
Capture Contact Data
Don't let a lead slip away! Magically capture, parse, enrich and save contact information from email messages. EmailWhiz automatically extracts the name, title, organization, mailing address, phone number, fax, email address, and website from the email.

Forget manual data entry. No more tedious parsing. Just easy collection of contact info. Supports contact data from 195 countries
Save Key Details for Easy Reference
Extract and save key details from emails:
     names of people mentioned
     key dates
     decisions made or agreed upon
     commitments offered or requested
     action items or next steps
Never lose track of important information again. No more digging through emails for that one piece of information.
EmailWhiz: The perfect solution for busy professionals!
Subscription Plans
Our subscription plans are designed around the number of requests included in each plan. Depending on the plan you choose, you will have a specific allowance of requests available to you. Select the plan that aligns with your anticipated usage and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Each plan includes 15 complimentary requests to get you started. When you reach the limit, it's time to subscribe and unlock the full potential.
Up to 240 requests monthly
The Basic subscription plan is suitable for users with low usage

Up to 600 requests monthly
The Standard subscription plan is suitable for users who expect to have a usage level ranging from low to moderate.
Up to 1,400 requests monthly
The Growth subscription plan is ideal for users anticipating increased usage due to business growth
Up to 3,000 requests monthly
The Enterprise subscription plan is ideal for high-usage users.
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