For Busy Professionals: Simple Presets. 
Zero Prompts.​​​​​​​
AIWritingAssistant is an AI-powered tool designed to craft high-quality content, tailored to your specific audience and purpose. Its unparalleled customization capabilities make it invaluable across a wide range of fields and tasks where tailored content creation is essential.
After spending time tweaking and refining prompts, do your AI-generated texts still sound alike and get easily recognized as non-human?​​​​​​​
AIWritingAssistant’s presets enable you to customize the AI so it can effectively meet various objectives and engage with diverse audiences.
For example: 
          Who is your intended audience and what tone do you want to use? 
          Is your output for personal or professional use? 
          Do you want the AI to produce a simple or complex explanation of a topic? 
          Are you aiming to win over your audience using emotion, establishing trust, or presenting logical arguments?
With AIWritingAssistant at your service, every piece of writing you undertake can be tailored to your specific communication goals.
So, go ahead and set your goals—whether that's to inform, to persuade, or to entertain—the AI Writing Assistant is here to help you hit the mark every time.
AIWritingAssistant simplifies content creation by letting you customize settings instead of manually crafting prompts.
AIWritingAssistant provides a wide range of Settings to help you shape your content exactly how you want it. You can adjust the writing style (how it sounds), creativity level (to keep it focused or to add more imagination), communication approach (how it communicates), audience expertise (whom it addresses), and more.
It's like having a control panel for your writing, allowing you to make it perfect for your needs.
Settings Presets can get you across the finish line faster and cleaner.​​​​​​​
Picking the right settings for the job beats the hassle of crafting the perfect prompt hands down. No need for deep tech know-how or endless tweaking to hit the mark.
How to Use AIWritingAssistant
AIWritingAssistant’s unique feature is the elimination of the need to input prompts manually. Typically, crafting prompts requires effort, as they must be adjusted and re-adjusted to yield the desired outcomes, which can be time-consuming.
That's where AIWritingAssistant’s settings come in. They let you customize the tool to work just how you need it.
1. Select the task you need to perform:
Ask/Write: Initiate AI chats to explore or create topic-based content.
Correct: Choose "Correct" for error-free, precise text.
Improve: Enhance text quality for better readability and impact.
Create: Choose "Create" to forge new, original content.
2. Choose the right AI interaction mode for tailored responses, from quick answers to detailed discussions.
One Shot Query: Use this mode for quick information or assistance when you don’t need context from previous interactions. This mode treats each interaction with the AI as independent, ensuring the dialogue remains unaffected by previous inputs and outputs. It's ideal for quick queries and one-off discussions.
Continuous Thread: Use this mode for more complex discussions or tasks where the context from previous messages is important to the conversation. This mode maintains a memory of all previous interactions within the same session, allowing for a cohesive and ongoing dialogue.
Tip: Make sure to delete the history of your previous conversation with AI before switching to Continuous Thread.
3. Text Writing Settings
Writing Style: Choose a writing style that best suits your content goals—Everyday, Formal, Technical, Persuasive, among others. This choice will guide the AI in tailoring the tone and complexity of the content to match your requirements.
Audience Level: Choose your audience's professional level, from Novice to Distinguished, to tailor content complexity and comprehension.
Response Length: Select the length of your response depending on the depth and detail you need for your content.
Creative Adjustments: Choose your content's creative level—Focused, Analytical, Balanced, or Visionary—by adjusting the creativity settings to align with your vision.
Relation Settings: Select from communication preferences like Peer-to-Peer, Customer Engagement, Partner, or Investor, among others, to align with your content's context, enhancing the intended impact.
Response Style: Enhance your content creation with settings for Summarizing, Exploring Alternatives, Comparing, Contrasting, or Questioning, for precise, targeted output.
Note: Selecting "Correct" mode disables all other text writing settings by default, focusing solely on grammar corrections.
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