Human Nature Focused AI

Powered by Clarifai and Llama-2

Leveraging Scientific Insights into Human Motivation and Emotion
MARKI is an AI-powered marketing content generation platform that strategically integrates leading AI services like Clarifai and Llama-2 with targeted human creativity.

Note: The AI was replaced with Google Vertex AI.
The optimized 6-step workflow maximizes automation, personalization, and emotional engagement through a blend of computer vision, NLP, NLG, and contextual human inputs.

Leveraging the powerful Google Vertex AI: Extracts rich visual metadata from images and generates engaging narratives incorporating human creative authoring.

Tailored forms allow rapid iteration of human inputs on product details, audience motivations, and emotions.

Google Vertex AI synthesizes human inputs into emotionally-focused, tailored copy and impactful messaging incorporating audience emotions.

The structured workflow orchestrates AI scale, human creativity, and emotional optimization to lift marketing metrics.

MARKI focuses on an end-to-end refined workflow rather than open-ended chat.

Quantifying engagement and conversions enables continuous optimization.

The focus is leveraging complementary human and artificial intelligence to automate personalized, emotionally-optimized marketing content designed to perform.
Main Differentiator
The main differentiator is the carefully orchestrated combination of human creativity and context with the scale, automation, and capabilities of state-of-the-art AI via an integrated, metric-driven workflow focusing on emotional engagement. This is enabled through a non-linear, tailored UI allowing rapid iteration. The strategic human-AI synthesis, content performance optimization, and refined UI/process are MARKI's key unique advantages.
AIT-MARKI integrates human creativity with AI to generate emotionally-optimized marketing messages to attract and engage customers. 

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