Ideas to Diagrams to Code, as Quick as You Can Think It​​​​​​​

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Big news! AIT-DiagramCodeX was just selected as a finalist in Google Cloud Vertex AI Hackathon!
AIT-DiagramCodeX is a revolutionary tool that easily converts text into professional diagrams and executable code, no coding required.
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How AIT-DiagramCodeX works
First, describe your concept in everyday language. AIT-DiagramCodeX analyzes the text and generates an initial diagram to represent your idea visually. It validates the diagram's accuracy before finalizing the polished visualization.
Next, AIT-DiagramCodeX studies the validated diagram to intelligently produce Go code that aligns precisely with the visual design. It confirms the code perfectly matches the diagram.
The end result is a professional diagram and working code, effortlessly created from your natural language descriptions.
Transform Your Ideas from Text to Visuals to Code in Record Time!
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